Iraqi Kurdistan: Khanke IDP Camp

I visited Khanke IDP Camp in Duhok governorate in September 2014 as part of a Christian Peacemaker Teams delegation.This was the largest camp in Iraqi Kurdistan at the time, sheltering internally displaced Yazidi people, many of whom had escaped from Shingal. Conditions in the camp were rather bleak, overcrowding and an upcoming winter presented fears about how people would cope. On the day I visited a terrible sand storm whipped up.

Iran: Marshlands

It may be surprising to some, the geographically diversity of Iran. The Mesopotamian Marshes stretch across the south Iraq, Kuwait and the southwest corner of Iran. The marshes are a unique wetland ecosystem, under constant environmental threat. Home to Iranian Arabs, who speak Farsi and Arabic, some still live traditional lifestyles in the marshlands keeping water buffalo, cultivating date palms, and cutting reeds.