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War no more: Vince Emanuele


(Image: Iraq Veterans against the war by Drew Dellinger)

Why would a former Iraq War veteran speak about the underbelly of Anzac day, commemorate with Aboriginal returnees and tour the world to speak out against any war.

Vince Emanuele is former US marine, after two tours of duty in Iraq his life is now devoted in speaking out against any war.

Reporter Vanessa Powell finds out why.

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East Timor moving forward


(Image: by EWC student, Teguh Timur from flickr)

Latest news from East Timor is that there are plans by current government to introduce new media laws feared to muzzle hard won freedom of speech, after gaining back its independence in 1999.

Australia has been involved in helping Timor get back on its feet and many more East Timorese have found Australia as their second home.

Reporter Vanessa Powell has more update.

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