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The good Aussies flying to conflict zones

(Photo: Christmas day in Ainkawa IDP camp with friends and colleagues, December 2016)

The Point Magazine, February, 2017: We have all read the stories about Australians traveling abroad to conflict zones to join terrorist groups like ISIS. However, very little attention has been dedicated to Australians traveling to conflict zones to help communities to learn and heal.

One of these notable Australians is independent journalist and ESL (English Second Language) teacher, Vanessa Powell.

Women’s rights campaigner tackles gender violence in Kurdistan Region


(Johanna Higgs giving a presentation to a group of students at the University of Kurdistan Hawler. Source: Supplied)

Rudaw English: Johanna Higgs is a women’s rights researcher who has travelled to at least 108 countries in the world. Now she is in the Kurdistan Region investigating sexual violence against women in the region.

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Iraqi Kurdistan: Khanke IDP Camp

I visited Khanke IDP Camp in Duhok governorate in September 2014 as part of a Christian Peacemaker Teams delegation.This was the largest camp in Iraqi Kurdistan at the time, sheltering internally displaced Yazidi people, many of whom had escaped from Shingal. Conditions in the camp were rather bleak, overcrowding and an upcoming winter presented fears about how people would cope. On the day I visited a terrible sand storm whipped up.

ISIS not the only enemy for Iraqi Kurds


Eureka Street, February 10,  2015: Australian chemical engineer Geoff McKee says that he has never heard of such things as people having to be bussed away from a drilling rig emitting poisonous gases.

But this is a reality for Iraqi villagers living adjacent to an Exxon Mobil oil rig.

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