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The good Aussies flying to conflict zones

(Photo: Christmas day in Ainkawa IDP camp with friends and colleagues, December 2016)

The Point Magazine, February, 2017: We have all read the stories about Australians traveling abroad to conflict zones to join terrorist groups like ISIS. However, very little attention has been dedicated to Australians traveling to conflict zones to help communities to learn and heal.

One of these notable Australians is independent journalist and ESL (English Second Language) teacher, Vanessa Powell.

Women’s rights campaigner tackles gender violence in Kurdistan Region


(Johanna Higgs giving a presentation to a group of students at the University of Kurdistan Hawler. Source: Supplied)

Rudaw English: Johanna Higgs is a women’s rights researcher who has travelled to at least 108 countries in the world. Now she is in the Kurdistan Region investigating sexual violence against women in the region.

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What It’s Like Inside An ISIS Tunnel


Huffington Post, December 22, 2016: About 30km east of Mosul, the car I’m travelling in pulls up to a stop. “Get down,” my friend and fixer Kosar says to me. “Come, come.” He opens the car door and I hesitantly jump out.

Three Kurdish Peshmerga are standing in front of us, seemingly awaiting our arrival. I’m in the village of Shaquli. Iraq. Although I wouldn’t call it a village. It looks like what used to be one family’s home and piles of rubble. The evidence of coalition airstrikes is immediately apparent. The caved-in structures and a large crater in the ground are a dead giveaway.

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Saving Pacific Island Fisheries – Is it Possible?


(Image: Fishing in Kiribati, 2008 by AusAID from flickr)

For Pacific Island Countries such as Kiribati, fishery resources and their large economic zones constitute one of their most important economic assets. However this important resource is under threat from the combined impacts of climate change, and over-fishing.

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Villawood Sentences ‘Bring The Law Into Disrepute’


(Image:  Asylum seekers on the roof of Villawood Immigration Detention Centre by Adam J.W.C. from Wikimedia Commons)

New Matilda, 1 July, 2013: On Friday, custodial sentences were handed down in the NSW Supreme Court for five men charged with offences resulting from a “disturbance” at Villawood Detention Centre in April 2011. The men were charged with riot.

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Was it worth it? Outcomes from Durban


(Image: United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP17), December 6, by UNclimatechange from Flickr)

Green Left Weekly, January 10, 2012: On December 12, Claire Anterea, a representative from Kiribati, and Good Samaritan sister Geraldine Kearney — members of the Edmund Rice Centre’s Pacific Calling Partnerships delegation to the UN Climate Change Conference in Durban — addressed a forum on the outcomes of the talks. Joining them was Edmund Rice Centre director Phil Glendenning.

Claire Anterea expressed pride and admiration for her fellow Pacific Island people, who have campaigned hard to push the international community to listen to their needs. Low-lying Pacific Island Countries are the most vulnerable to climate change.

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