The good Aussies flying to conflict zones

(Photo: Christmas day in Ainkawa IDP camp with friends and colleagues, December 2016)

The Point Magazine, February, 2017: We have all read the stories about Australians traveling abroad to conflict zones to join terrorist groups like ISIS. However, very little attention has been dedicated to Australians traveling to conflict zones to help communities to learn and heal.

One of these notable Australians is independent journalist and ESL (English Second Language) teacher, Vanessa Powell.


2 thoughts on “The good Aussies flying to conflict zones”

  1. Wow! Nice that people hear from actually someone who was there what’s going on.. But the title?!

    How are you back in Australia?



  2. Hi Frani, thanks for your comment. Your not the first person who has mentioned the title… but I think the story is actually a good thing. So much of the media focus in Australia has been on young people going off to fight, whereas this article just gives a counter narrative to that.


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